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Art. CAR01837
DUCATI V4 / V4S 2022>2023

Complete road / Racing Plus fairing set

Tissue fiberglass with carbon fiber enhancement

ON OFFER UNTIL TO 23/08/2022

€ 545,00

€ 490,50

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Produced by Flamingo Corse Bike for those who want a hull of the highest level and extremely easy to assemble. This new spare parts line is produced with double-layer fabric and is reinforced with carbon in the points of greatest stress such as: housing screws, hooks and, in general, all points of greatest load.

Fairing designed to be used both on the street and on the track, it is delivered ready to be mounted without any modification to the bike, supplied completely perforated with threaded inserts supplied.

N.B. they mount the original or aftermarket aerodynamic appendages as long as they keep the attacks like the original ones.

Including: Front fairing, right side, left side, side brackets, tank battery cover, single seat tail, front headlight cap with air duct to be applied to the removable part of the light "in case you want to go out on the track by removing the headlight"